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Safety Guidelines & Instructions

Handling the Firepit

Do not move the firepit while lit.

Concrete will be hot to touch after lit. Allow product to fully cool before moving.

Inside bowl of the firepit may develop some soot.

Placement & Use

Ensure there is ample space above the firepit for the flame to light.

Do not fill Isopropyl to the top. Leave at least 1 inch from the top of the bowl.

Do not place under a cabinet. Place in an area that has ample ventilation.

While Burning

Do not refill or add additional fuel while the flame is burning OR when the firepit is still hot. Allow product to fully cool before re-using.

Do not drop any items into the flame.

Do not try to extinguish by blowing on the flame.

Do not touch or get close to the flame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fuel does the Hygge Fire use?

Hygge Fire uses Isopropyl Alcohol - we recommend using 91% for the best results.

Where can you buy Isopropyl?

Isopropyl is readily available at any pharmacy or supermarket. We do not sell Isopropyl.

How long does the Hygge Fire burn for?

Depending on the amount of alcohol you use, Hygge Fire will burn for about 30-40 minutes. There are many other factors that will also affect burn time.

What if I want to burn it longer?

Hygge Fire can only be re-filled after it has fully cooled for safety reasons. If you'd like to burn for longer, we recommend you get multiple Hygge Fires!

How do you turn it off?

Simply let the Hygge Fire burn out. If you need to put it out before the full burn time, simply use a stone coaster to snuff. We are currently working on including a snuffer in future iterations!

How much does it weight?

Hygge Fire weighs just under 6 lbs.


Will it scratch my table?

We've tested multiple prototypes and finally chose a cork base, which will not scratch any surfaces and will not get hot!

Where do you ship?

We ship all across the US! International shipping will be available soon.

Have more questions? Feel free to Contact Us!

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